Progressive propaganda pushes for government overreach

As someone who considers myself as a supporter of the progressive wing of the Democratic party, I feel the need to criticize my own side when we go too far. ATTN: recently released a video in which they make a case for government protections to cover those people that have chosen to modify their bodies with unnaturally colored hair, piercings, and tattoos.

Their first argument is that those that have these aspects as part of their personal style does not automatically make them unprofessional. If someone is in a position where they have to interact with the public these looks can be offputting and drive business away to competitors that employ those with more traditional looks. Although I believe on a personal level that some of these styles can look great and be sexy as all hell, most of the world does not see things that way.

They make the claim that 1 in 4 believe that people with tattoos are less intelligent. I have searched and can not find any evidence that shows that this statistic is based on scientific or accurate polling data.

There is a man in the video who claims his tattoos prevented him from getting a job even though they would have been covered up during work. I would personally like to know what he was wearing to the interview. If he was dressed in a similar manner to how he would be dressed for work (as he should have been) the tattoos would not have been visible. Also, I have never heard of a job asking if you have tattoos in an interview. I’m willing to bet that he went to the interview with his tattoos visible.

They go on to say that it is even worse for those with piercings. I disagree I feel like it would be easier with piercings since you can remove them for the work day and the interview process. A woman goes on to mention that people should be judged on their work ethic and not their appearance. While I agree on a personal level and IĀ feel like that if they can get their work done uninhibited by their looks you cannot expect or force an employer to hire you in spite of what comes down to a personal choice.